Village – agricultural
Produces: Corn, wheat, cattle, chickens
Population: ~1500 persons

-Gender neutral Gerontocracy
-Council of Elders (based off prestige like Jedi Council) and 1 High Elder, with current eldest being the High Elder
-Current High Elder, (f) Ashlan Raventhorn, 64

Other Elders
-(m) Davin Oatbrew, 61, Owns the tavern in town
-(m) Weston Tarrenfeather, 60, Owner of General Store
-(f) Mona Dewblood, 57
-(f) Brynn Wheatcutter, 43, Predominant wheat producer for town, owns the most wheat producing land
-(m) Urs Blackarm, 41, Town smith
-(f) Aja Whitespear, 28

Goods & Services
-Tavern, The Drunken Tree
-Smith, Broken Knight’s Forge
-Tannery, The Goat’s Burrow
-General store, Gryphon Square
-Temple to Hydonna
-Shrine to Henir


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